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The idea came, as most good ideas do, when it was least expected.

Mehdi El Azhari, HYPER CRUNCH Founder and CEO, started an MBA at Cass Business School in 2017.

Having been a Management Consultant for five years, working on big digital strategy and transformation projects for clients in Europe, he planned to start his own consultancy firm.

While completing his MBA, he looked for a company that could manage his social media and increase the online visibility of his start-up business – but found nothing.

He asked friends and colleagues for recommendations for an all-in-one marketing subscription service – and learned that they were all doing it themselves, or not at all.

This was the lightbulb moment.

In 2018, HYPER CRUNCH set out to meet this very real need. We started out with a central location in London’s tech heart, in a vibrant space dedicated to tech and media SMEs.

In our first year, we grew our team and scaled the business.

Now, we share our marketing expertise with partners in more than 20 industries, and all across Europe and the US.
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HYPER CRUNCH is a full-service marketing platform that helps small businesses to grow online.

Our expert team manages your digital marketing and online presence, growing and engaging your audience through social media, online reviews, CRM and email marketing.
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The team is headed by Mehdi. In addition to his leadership, we have a formidable board of advisors.

This includes top tech talent, a VC, and the Commercial Director of one of the UK’s leading start-ups.

The second person to join our in-house team was Maggie Schroeder, VP of Sales and Business Development Manager. Her experience of founding her own consultancy and consulting specifically with start-ups and SMEs make her a perfect fit for HYPER CRUNCH.

Since then, the team has been growing fast, with a Marketing expert and a savvy Operations Lead brought on to ensure we deliver the best quality products to our clients.

Here at HYPER CRUNCH, a healthy, happy company culture is central to who we are. Years working in always-on, stay-until-11pm roles showed Mehdi exactly what he didn’t want for his employees. Instead, everyone takes an hour for lunch, leaves when the day is over and spends time with the loved ones.

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