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7 simple tactics in digital marketing

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7 simple tactics in digital marketing

As a digital marketing platform, we recognize the importance of reaching customers on an individual level instead of pushing one message out to everyone. Personalization can be integrated into website copy, eBooks, webinars, emails, social media posts, interactive content, you name it.

Here are some digital marketing methods which you can implement once you have your overall personalization strategy planned.

1.    Send emails from the name of an actual person, not a brand – One of the most used method by every digital marketing agency for personalization is email. A digital marketing company would advise you to make your emails look more authentic by addressing them from the name of someone on your marketing or executive team for example, instead of from the brand.
2.    Use Marketing Automation Tools – By using automation tools any digital marketing agency can trigger lead nurturing campaigns based on content interests. For example, if a lead downloads an eBook focused on a specific topic, the digital marketing agency can put them in an email track that is targeted at a specific message relevant to their interest and also acknowledge that they have already accessed some of your content.
3.    Segment your Email Database by Persona – Every digital marketing company will tell you that there are many ways in which you can segment email database. However, the easiest and often most effective one, according to almost any digital marketing agency, is to segment them by persona. Once you have your marketing personas defined, introduce personalized messages to each one, using language that hits on specific pain points.
4.    Use the recipients’’ names – Every smart digital marketing agency is running away from the typical “Dear Customer,” type of email openings. This definitely won’t get you closer to the personalization goals. We recommend you use your lead’s real and verified name instead!
5.    Create persona-driven content – When a digital marketing agency begins the shift towards personalization, the keyway is to create more persona-driven content. One-size-fits-all content most certainly does not fit all. Personalized content can help you tailor your messages to the right audience you want to reach.
6.    Respond to customers personally on social media – More and more customers are using social media as their primary source when in the research phase of making a purchase according to every digital media agency. So, you need to make sure you are there too! Try to monitor your social media activity on a regular basis and make sure you are providing the most appropriate content and responses to meet each person’s individual. Needs.
7.    Create targeted leading pages - Targeted landing pages are Web pages that contain detailed information about a marketing offer or message and that attempt to make a convincing argument for why the recipient should join the ranks of the converted.

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