8 video ideas from a digital marketing platform

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8 video ideas from a digital marketing platform

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8 video ideas from a digital marketing platform

As we have mentioned in previous digital marketing articles, the video holds a lot of potential for interaction, engagement, and shares for those who use their creativity the right way. But creating one can be incredibly overwhelming! As a digital marketing company, we know that even with all of the helpful video tools available sometimes the tricky part is coming up with the actual video idea. Here we will give you some easy and engaging ideas for your video content that our experience as a digital marketing platform has proven effective.

1.    Customer testimonial – almost every digital marketing agency is using the customer testimonials as the best way to showcase the brand’s relationship with customers in a more believable and engaging format. Just be careful not to make it a full-on serious interview and let them say what they want to say, using their own words and body language.
2.    Q&A’s – a digital marketing agency will often tell their customers that if prospective clients don’t have any questions, then they are not doing things right! Questions are a signal of engagement and interest, so the more you receive, the better your chances of establishing your brand’s authority are. Moreover, it will allow you to get a better understanding of what your customers’ needs are and how to satisfy them. A bonus- this type of content is not seasonal so it never gets old meaning that a digital marketing agency can expect it to continue generating leads even after you are done with it.
3.    Announcements – If you have important and exciting news to share with your customers and followers, take the advice from a digital marketing agency in London and do it with a video instead of simply tweeting about it.
4.    Office tour – a digital marketing company is all about ‘digital’ but it is actually a very good idea to show the ‘physical’ side of your business. Make people feel special by showing them your work home AKA your office.
5.    Show how your products are being made – showing a step by step video of the process of making your product is material for a very engaging video. Even if you offer a service, you can still share clips of the process and the final result.
6.    Demonstrate (unique) product uses – showcase your product even if it is through showing people what not to do with it. As a digital marketing platform, we guarantee your humour is a winning strategy, so tap on that one and get creative.
7.    Introduce your Employees – it is all about personalization! Use the human factor to touch your clients and introduce them to the people who stand behind the brand and their own stories.
8.    Tips and tricks video – do you have any advice that your customers can benefit from? Take our digital marketing article for example… we can easily turn that into a video and post it on social media to get your attention.

From the position of a digital marketing platform, we challenge you to take one of those simple video ideas and try it out. You will see how fun and easy to carry out the ideas are and be surprised by the reaction of your audience.

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