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Color psychology used by a digital marketing platform

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Color psychology used by a digital marketing platform

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Color psychology used by a digital marketing platform

As a digital marketing platform, we’ve been thinking about why leading brands use certain colours in their branding and marketing? Don’t we all think of Coca-Cola the second we see the typical eye-catching red they have been using? Truth is, brands do not choose those colours randomly. Strange as it may seem, colours impact how your brain views the world. Almost every digital marketing company is trying to use colour psychology to influence consumers’ attitudes, behaviours and decision making.

Colour Psychology in Digital Marketing

Every digital marketing agency will tell you that today, more than ever, it is crucial for brands to develop a strong visual image and use it consistently among all marketing channels. Making a great first impression is essential and colour is an excellent way to grab viewers’ attention and convey meaning. The best tip a digital marketing agency can give you is that even if you have the most amazing content, but you fail to trigger a positive emotional connection in your prospective customers through the power of colours, they won’t remain on your channel or view your digital marketing.

Synchronizing colour with branding visually helps tell a story and sets the tone for how it is perceived by the customer. When building your brand around colour, you should choose a colour representing the desired association and consistently apply the colour to your logo, advertising, and website design.

On the matter of how to choose the right colour our digital marketing platform advice would be to consider your marketing goals are and what response you want from your customers. Do you want people to get excited when they see your brand? Think about your target market. What are they attracted to? What are their values and aspirations? When designing your website or digital marketing, consider which color might drive traffic, clicks, and encourage users in your company’s niche to act or purchase.

Ways to use colour

  • Complementation – This refers to seeing colours in relation to other colours. What some of the digital marketing agency does is to use colours on opposite sides of the color spectrum. In this way, the design is visually appealing due to the eye being provided a balance rather than straining to see a particular color.
  • Contrast – Every digital marketing agency will tell you this is a very effective way to capture users’ attention because the elements on the page will be clearly divided and this will also reduce eyestrain. For example, if your website has a dark background a digital marketing agency advises to use a lighter colour for the main content. Using a variety of contrasting colors can help focus the viewer’s attention on specific page elements.
  • Vibrancy – Almost every digital marketing company is using brighter colours for designs when they want to make users feel more energetic, which can be a powerful tool in advertising. Darker coulour shades, on the other hand, tend to relax the mind and allow them to focus on something else. It is important to think about those emotions you are encoding into your design by using certain colours

Furthermore, each colour has a significant way in which it is used by brands, so stay tuned to learn more about Colour Psychology from a digital marketing platform London and get a deeper understanding of how to integrate this strategy in your marketing campaign.

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