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Digital marketing guide on how to market effectively on Twitter

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Digital marketing guide on how to market effectively on Twitter

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Digital marketing guide on how to market effectively on Twitter

Every digital marketing agency considers Twitter an inseparable part of a marketing strategy. It is undoubtedly a powerful platform when trying to increase your business’s online reach. To help you create a successful strategy and leverage Twitter's power for your business, we – a digital marketing platform London have created this helpful guide. Keep reading to get our advice on using Twitter for business effectively.

The first rule of marketing is that you need to build your marketing strategy and a digital marketing company knows that you need one for Twitter as well. This would be your foundation for success and is definitely worth spending time on researching and creating your strategy. Here are some tactics that every digital marketing agency uses to develop a strong Twitter marketing strategy that will help you build your presence.

1.    Research your competition

An effective digital marketing agency would use Twitter to gather information about what your business’s competitors are doing to be informed when building your strategy. Analysing their content and tactics gives a digital marketing company a clearer view of what is missing in their strategy, how does their customer service look like on the platform, etc. By asking those questions you can improve your marketing strategy and turn it into a highly developed one.

2.    Audit your account

Auditing your Twitter account should be a regular activity and as a digital marketing platform, we highly recommend you stick to this. A Twitter audit is a diagnosis of your account. It helps you analyze the performance of your Twitter account by looking at your audience, analytics, content types, posting times, and consistency, as well as the overall sentiment. When conducting a Twitter audit, a digital marketing agency will look to answer questions such as ‘Who is our audience?’, ‘When are our followers active?’, ‘Are we seeing a return of investment?’ – in short, covering both traditional metrics and general sentiment.

3.    Research best practices

Our digital marketing company's advice about this step is that as with the audit, it needs to be done continuously. Keeping up on best practices as Twitter is constantly updated and goes through changes is key to keeping your impressions and engagements high, so a digital marketing agency will never overlook this step of building an effective Twitter strategy.

4.    Identify your audience

With the risk of repeating ourselves, one of the most important things about every aspect of marketing is targeting. A digital marketing agency will consider your business personas when crafting your strategy and even when creating individual pieces of content. Keeping in mind your business personas at all times will help you not to lose track of who exactly you are trying to reach, how to create something your audience will be genuinely interested in and will lock their attention.

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