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Employee advocacy on Facebook

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Employee advocacy on Facebook

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Employee advocacy on Facebook

As a digital marketing platform, we want to tell you what your secret marketing tool should be – your employees. Every digital marketing agency would report that employees are pretty often overlooked as simply the people who work for the company. However, your employees can be the best ‘influencers’ to broadcast and amplify business messages on Facebook and other social media channels.

What is Employee Advocacy?

The most straightforward definition a digital marketing agency can give you ‘employee advocacy’ is that it is the promotion of an organization by its workforce. Employees can share information about specific products, campaigns or the company’s culture. As a digital marketing platform London, we guarantee this can help boost brand reputation and, as a bonus, make recruitment easier.

Why you should be doing it?

Firstly, employee advocacy can take many forms but as a digital marketing company will are focused on the most common and effective social media channels, one of which is Facebook. Your employees more than certainly already have profiles there, they are engaged in groups and communities where your brand is not being present. Some of them may even have more online reach and influence than your CEO or even your brand.

As a digital marketing platform, we believe in facts, so here are some you should take into consideration:

  • 72% of people reported feeling more connected with a brand when its employees shared information about it on social media1.
  • While only about 2% of employees reshare their company’s social posts, they are responsible for 20% of overall engagement2.

Moreover, every digital marketing agency will assure you your employees are the best people to generate positive exposure for your company. They have more knowledge about your products and services than any outsider. So, a digital marketing company considers employee advocacy to be as important as content and influencer marketing. There are many examples of companies that have successfully engaged in employee advocacy such as Dell, Intel, and IBM.

First steps to Employee Advocacy:

  1. An employee advocacy plan will only work if your company has a transparent culture of trust and freedom. Advocacy can’t be forced, nor can it be bought, and our digital marketing company stands strong behind this statement.
  2. Every single digital marketing agency will tell you that just like everything else in marketing, you need to start such a program by setting clear goals and KPIs. It is crucial to know what you want to achieve and how will you measure your achievements.
  3. It is vital for the success of the program to have clear guidelines that are easy to understand and easy to follow. As a digital marketing platform, we warn you not to impose those guidelines and turn them into restrictions of employee advocacy instead of a way to enable it.
  4. Last but not least, it is important for a digital marketing agency to stress the importance of ‘paying back’. It is easy to see how your company can benefit from such a program, but consider how do your employees benefit from it?

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