How Ed Tech Pushes the Boundaries of Learning

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How Ed Tech Pushes the Boundaries of Learning

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How Ed Tech Pushes the Boundaries of Learning

The Educational Technology Revolution – How Ed Tech Pushes the Boundaries of Learning

Educational technology is helping push the boundaries of learning experiences, revolutionising the learning industry. And what better time to consider the benefits of Ed Tech than during a pandemic that is seeing schools being shut, classes being moved into online spaces, and the majority of our ordinary education moving to the web?

The COVID-19 Pandemic may be facilitating a massive boom in educational technology, but the services existed long before there was such a spike in demand.

Even though the current situation calls for remote learning opportunities to be delivered via technology as a necessity, there are many ways Ed Tech actually has a number of benefits that make it a worthwhile option in many scenarios.

Speaking from the experience we have had with theHYPER CRUNCH Growth school, our series of workshops designed to help grow your company, Educational Technology has been an asset for delivering a refined and more interactive experience. Here are some of the best benefits of Ed Tech:

1.     Activities can become more organised. By having an online class, you can take advantage of online tools to create syllabuses, learning management systems, online notifications and emails, and reminders of due dates. Students are thus able to follow the structure of the course with ease and can develop clear and progressive learning goals. Any changes that need to be made are simple to enact and inform both students and teacher about.

2.     Feedback can be provided faster and more efficiently. Feedback allows teachers to tailor or tweak their approach based on information provided to them from the students. Online polls or circumvents the need for time consuming traditional methods of gathering feedback and allows the teacher more time to adjust their methods of teaching to suit the needs of their students almost in real time.

3.     Evaluation can be faster and more helpful. Educational technology saves time by giving teachers tools that track and mark the progress of their students. Self-grading quizzes reduce the need for teachers to spend hours marking standardised tests, and technology also allows for peer review. Learners are able to mark, edit and comment on one another’s work, creating a space in which the transfer of knowledge is more three dimensional than a simple one-way transfer.

4.     The learning environment can be whatever you need it to be. Ed Tech gives learners the option to learn in their own time from an environment in which they feel more comfortable. Learning is taken outside of the classroom and is more likely to suit people’s schedules, as they can go at their own pace and participate when it suits them. This is particularly the case today as we are all being encouraged to social distance and keep our contact minimal so as to avoid spreading the virus – but a global pandemic doesn’t have to mean everything is put on hold. With collaborative resources and independent educational programmes available online, learners can take control of their study schedule, making the most of their time while keeping safe.

Educational technology can bolster efforts to learn more in a more effective way. In addition to the five benefits of online learning we have outlined, consider the plethora of information available online. Learning is truly at your fingertips. By moving your classroom into a virtual space, you can expose yourself to myriad different perspectives, and enhance your appreciation and understanding of the subjects you seek to grasp.

So far, the HYPER CRUNCH growth school has experienced success moving workshops into a virtual space since Coronavirus concerns have been developing.

This just goes to show that technology provides us with the tools to adapt and overcome any unfavourable situation – join ourGrowth Schooland start reaping the rewards of Educational Technology today!

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