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How to launch your brand?

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How to launch your brand?

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How to launch your brand?

This is it, you have developed your product, given a lot of energy making it, now what?

Firstly, you need to find the customers that your product is more suited to (chances are you already know that because your product is designed to solve a particular problem for a particular audience). Then your core message needs to convey your brand and product’s values and what they bring to this particular user. 64% of consumers say that shared values create a trusted relationship with the brand (1). Then you need to determine which medium to use to reach your audience based on their habits. Are they Instagram users, can they be reached through an advertisement on another website, what time are they likely to be online?

Now is time to build your digital marketing campaign, and keeping it consistent across all channels is a must, it increases revenues by 23% (1). Firstly, a good, well designed and robust website is important. Indeed, 38% of users will stop interacting with a website if the design is unattractive and around the same percentage stop engaging if the website doesn’t load (1). You will need a good logo and brand identity that can be repeated across all channels. The use of images and graphic design is important as visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media, and people remember 6.5 times more of information when it is viewed alongside visual content (2).

Lastly, a good digital marketing strategy will help you to build trust and brand loyalty in an ever-changing market where there are tons of new products released every day. People want to buy more products from a brand they can trust. 80% of consumers say that authenticity is an important factor in deciding what brand they support (3). And you will also need a good customer support service in place as 73% of consumer to cite customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decision (3).

Today’s market is a tough one, with an enormous amount of competition. Anyone can launch a product, maybe even sell a lot, at first, but only a good digital marketing campaign backed by quality products and support can make your customers come back.




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