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The digital marketing agency list of Facebook posts types 2nd part

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The digital marketing agency list of Facebook posts types 2nd part

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The digital marketing agency list of Facebook posts types 2nd part

Every digital marketing agency appreciates the power of Facebook for marketing your business. Luckily, the platform offers a diverse range of content types you can use to build your perfect digital marketing campaign. In our first article The digital marketing agency list of Facebook posts types we introduced you to 5 main types:

Facebook text posts (status posts)

Facebook photo post

Facebook video post

Facebook Live video post

Linked content post

Here are a few other suggestions which a digital marketing company can integrate into your marketing strategy for better results!

Facebook poll post


As a digital marketing platform we know the power of asking a question in the process of engaging your audience on Facebook. Facebook poll posts take this idea even further. Those types of posts can be used by a digital marketing agency in building brand awareness for your business in a very soft-touched way for Facebook marketing.

Your followers are offered a chance to vote for one or two options in the poll and once voting is over, the results become public.

Facebook Stories

Many of the digital marketing agency use Stories more and more because their popularity has been growing dramatically in the last few years. Facebook stories can be a photo or short video posts that appear in the format of your telephone screen and disappears after 24 hours. Your followers will see your Story at the top of their News Feed or in Messenger and when they click on it will appear for five seconds if it’s a photo, and up to 20 seconds for a video.

Every digital marketing agency has been working hard to integrate Stories into the ultimate marketing strategy for a brand not only because the massive number of people who view Stories, but also because it allows you to connect with your audience easily. Also, since they appear on the News Feed, they are immune to the Facebook algorithms.

You can get a deeper insight on Stories, how to use them and some interesting ideas in our previous article Digital Marketing Agency Guide On Why You Should Use Stories .

Pinned post

A pinned post is simply a regular post that you ‘pin’ to the top of your business Facebook Page. A digital marketing agency would advise you to use it because this way you can turn a post of your preference into the first thing your audience will see when visiting your page. use this post which really captures your brand to show potential followers exactly why they should Like your Page.

A digital marketing company would also suggest using this space for sharing:

-       Important news

-       Showcase an engaging video

-       Raise awareness about a current ongoing campaign

You can change pinned posts whenever you want, so take this opportunity and use this tool to get people to engage with your brand now.

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