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The digital marketing agency list of Facebook posts types - part 1

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The digital marketing agency list of Facebook posts types - part 1

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The digital marketing agency list of Facebook posts types - part 1

As a digital marketing platform we do not even question the fact that mastering Facebook marketing is a must for every brand that wants to succeed in 2020. Here is our breakdown of the different types of Facebook posts you can use to engage with your followers with some examples to inspire you.

Facebook text posts (status posts)

Simply text – the most basic type of Facebook post. On a first look it is quite useless because it doesn’t direct users to your website or drive conversations, but every digital marketing agency will tell you it is a tool for sparking engagement on your Page. Asking a question can be a great way to get people involved, like Kylie Jenner for example >  link for the status:

Moreover, a simple question like this can do more than bringing in customers. It gives your digital marketing company access to loads of customer feedback that can be used further to engage and resonate with your audience.

Facebook photo post

In general, a digital marketing agency reports higher engagement form picture posts than text posts1. They are designed to build awareness and initiate engagement too. Every digital marketing agency uses photo posts as a way to show off brand products or visualize your services. Keep in mind that a digital marketing company considers “photo posts” to be any kind of image like illustration, infographic, you name it.  However, as a digital marketing platform we warn you to stay away of copyright issues by using images from special royalty free photo sites.

Facebook video post

Every digital marketing company right now is emphasizing the importance of video content and its growing popularity in 2020. Moreover, videos on Facebook start playing automatically in News Feed, so even a few seconds long video can be pretty eye catching. A digital marketing agency can use short videos for announcements and polls while longer videos are better for ongoing series or sharing memorable content. Videos see even higher engagement rates than photo posts do.

Facebook Live video post

Facebook Live video can be a great way to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company, your product, or the personalities behind your brand. Many of the digital marketing agency use it to share announcements in real time or as a way to interact with your followers directly

Linked content post

A post which is linked to continue outside Facebook gets more engagement than status posts, but less than photo or vide posts3. A digital marketing agency would suggest that linked posts are more or less the easiest type of Facebook post to create Since all you need to do is to paste a link into the status box and Facebook will automatically generate the meta description and photo. It is every digital marketing company secret tool to great-looking posts with almost no effort. Just make sure to add some extra text as a description to inform readers to why they should open the link.


Stay tuned for our HYPER CRUNCH digital marketing platform London next article with more Facebook types of posts!

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