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We created the new social media and visual identity of Antiverse.

Co-founded in 2017 by engineers Murat Tunaboylu and Ben Holland, the Antiverse team is composed of experts in the field of structural biology, machine learning and medicine, who all are passionate and dedicated to engineering the future of drug development and changing the course of people’s lives.

Based in Cardiff, they are one of the top biotech startups in the UK and their antibody discovery service is already being used by big pharma. Antiverse uses their world-first computational technique which provides 10x Diversity through AI-Augmented Drug Discovery.

In an industry where there are more antibodies than there are stars in the universe, the Antiverse team strives to challenge the status quo on a daily basis.

The challenge                             

Antiverse is building a cutting-edge antibody drug discovery platform by combining in-house lab expertise with state of the art machine learning. In order to increase brand awareness as well as relevant traffic and leads, Antiverse contacted us looking to improve their digital presence with a focus on their social media channels as well as website. They were hoping to share more content their target audience will enjoy as well as create a stronger brand identity and presence digitally.

Specific areas of interest that Antiverse wanted to focus on are:

- The Future of antibody discovery

- The Biotech industry

- The company’s capabilities.

For their website, Antiverse was looking for a redesign that would represent the brand’s visual identity more strongly as well as keepvisitors engaged and interested.

The delivery

We helped Antiverse by updating their entire digital presence, from their website to their social media channels.

We designed a range of social media posts that fit their brand identity while helping them stand out from competitors through modern and unique visuals. We posted to their social media channels with a focus on their areas of interest which helped grow brand awareness as well as reach

We relaunched their website to fit their branding as well as optimise customer acquisition, engagement and conversion. We also highlighted their newly launched events for corporates across social media to raise awareness as well as being an additional touchpoint for their audience to engage with.

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