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We created a coherent marketing and sales strategy for Core Leaders.

CORE Leaders International was founded by Obi Abuchi who has been fascinated by the difference that truly effective, inspirational, and transformational leaders make to those around them for more than two decades.

His goal is to teach others this sort of leadership in order to change lives and create a better world. CORE Leaders International’s mission is to create a dynamic and engaged global community of purpose-driven leaders who are devoted to personal mastery. Their solutions range from Lunch & Learn Workshops toExecutive Coaching all the way to Keynote Speeches.

The challenge                          

Obi, the founder and CEO of CORE Leaders International, contacted us for help with his digital presence. He was looking to increase his online presence through social media and asked us to develop a fully integrated marketing and sales strategy.

The aim of the marketing strategy was to drive traffic to the website and increase awareness as well as engagement with the brand.

It was aimed to set the direction for finding and engaging with prospective customers in order to promote their core message and build interest in the brand. The sales strategy then converts the interest into buyers.

The delivery

We carefully listened to CORE Leaders International and came up with a robust marketing and sales strategy that would hit their targets and increase brand reach. The strategy was then deployed by creating a range of social media posts, all of which reflect the brand’s visual identity, core values as well as tone of voice.

The social media posts were optimised for their respective platforms as well as for reach within those platforms through hashtags and keywords. All visuals were modern and designed to draw in potential customers while keeping brand identity at the forefront.

All posts reflect the brand’s values and talk about the company, their services and any changes within the industry in an engaging, professional manner.

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