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Meryem Belqziz

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Author —

Meryem is a seasoned professional with 16-year experience in banking (structured finance), strategic consulting (BCG), tech (Uber) and social impact (Mozaik RH & Generation France).

She holds a business degree from ESCP Europe, an MBA fromINSEAD and a professional coaching certification from Transformance Pro(created and run by Vincent Lehnardt who introduced coaching in France).

Meryem currently supports ambitious organisations and individuals in the following areas:

- Growing their businesses from ideation to scaling

- Cross-Functional Team Management

- Strategic advisory in Customer Experience Excellence

- C-level roadmap for B2B & B2C Pipeline Generation

- Career Transition Coaching and Bespoke Career Development

- Breaking the glass ceiling

The challenge                              

Meryem got in touch with us as she was looking to build a meaningful digital presence. She was hoping to leverage social media to engage her audience and increase awareness as well as share her topics of interest and expertise. She was also wanting to create a website that could reflect her skills and increase awareness of her work as well as give those interested away to get in touch with her.

Meryem was hoping to build a stronger social media presence based on her topics of interest:

- Breaking the glass ceiling

- Strategic advisory in Customer Experience Excellence

- Growing their businesses from ideation to scaling

The delivery 

In order to build a comprehensive digital presence for Meryem we created her new brand identity through her client-facing social media posts as well as launching a completely new website.

The social media posts cover industry insights from her topics of interest to keep her audience in the loop and engaged as well as raise awareness of Meryem’s expertise and focus within these areas. Hashtags and keywords helped increase the audience reach and introduced potential clients to her work.

The website showcases her work, expertise and services in a professional manner while keeping her core values at the forefront. It was designed by us to help Meryem build a community, showcase her work as well as stand out within the digital space.

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