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We created the new visual identity and the website of ReachX

ReachX’s mission is to enable tomorrow's financial workforce and accelerate the world's most ambitious projects and deals. They leverage innovative tech and algorithms to connect corporate clients and institutional investors with highly vetted advisors and investment opportunities across venture capital, private equity and private debt.

ReachX offers solutions fromInterim C-level executives to M&A and Fundraising to CFO services tailored perfectly to their clients’ needs. Each client can connect directly with their advisor via ReachX’s fully integrated platform, as well as get bespoke customer support 24/7.

ReachX aims to make advisory services simpler, more accessible and cost-effective to enable to finance workforce of tomorrow.

The challenge                             

ReachX first came to us in 2021 looking to create a digital marketing strategy in order to enhance their visibility. With no digital marketing strategy currently in place, the innovative fintech startup was looking to elevate their online presence as well as reach new clients. ReachX were hoping to create an engaged community that would create opportunities and help connect their advisors and clients.

After initial consultations, HYPER CRUNCH and ReachX decided to create a new website, provided an in-depth marketing strategy and applied this strategy within social media posts as well as by setting up events.

Key focus areas for ReachX’s strategy and all digital communications were:                                                                                                                          
- The Future of work                                                                                                              

- The Fintech landscape                                                                                                

- Making finance advisory more accessible

The delivery

We designed a completely new brand identity for ReachX across all areas of their digital presence:

Their client-facing website was redesigned to match their visual identity. This included improving the visual aspect as well as layout and copywriting.

We put together a full digital marketing strategy to span all areas of their digital presence to fit with their audience, align to their targets as well as increase overall brand awareness.

A new social media post template was created to fit their new visual identity and strategy and posts were scheduled to go out daily, increasing brand awareness and expanding their audience and engagement.

Lastly, we launched their new events targeted at corporates and advisors to facilitate learning, increase engagement and leverage new audiences.

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