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We created the new marketing strategy and social media posts for Vernacare.

Vernacare's story began in 1839, with business origins dating back to the supply of surgical dressings during the Crimean War.

Nowadays, Vernacare is a global, award-winning infection prevention company, committed to innovation and quality, with headquarters in the UK. Their mission is to provide innovative solutions that provide optimum care, whilst continuing to minimise the impact on the environment.

Vernacare develops, sources, manufactures and distributes healthcare products to over 60 countries from ourUK manufacturing sites in Bolton, Chorley, South Wales and Worksop. They specialise in a wide range of medical solutions to improve patients’ experiences and protect healthcare workers every day, from Bathing & Continence Care to Surgical Solutions and so much more.  

The challenge                     

Vernacare got in touch with us looking to build a meaningful online presence by creating a strong digital marketing strategy as well as social media presence. The aim was to leverage digital means so that they reflect their position as a market leader in healthcare as well as their continued strive for innovation and sustainability.

Key areas they wanted support on was:

A new digital marketing strategy to understand stakeholder needs and connect this to customer needs and sales targets.

An updated social media strategy with new designs that showcase their expertise, mission and vision for the future. This should alsohelp them stand out from competitors by highlighting their many years of experience.

The delivery

After an initial consultation, we created a step-by-step plan to create their new digital marketing strategy as well as social media presence which would then be executed by HYPER CRUNCH.

Initially, we conducted interviews with all executives and major stakeholders in the company to understand where they are currently standing with marketing and sales strategy as well as where they are hoping togo in the future.

We collected their requirement and feedback and used this to put together a coherent marketing strategy that would reflect the needs of different departments within the company. This was also supported by our review of their industry and where current trends are heading.

We then implemented this new strategy and developed social media assets that would represent their brand and goals as well as the industry while also helping them stand out amongst competitors.

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