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We are a team of expert social media managers, designers, storytellers, engineers and photographers using the best-in-art technology tools to build a winning digital presence for your brand, one social media post at a time.
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We create content and run your social media channels.

A team of content creators, engineers and social media experts to your service.

We take care of your digital presence
so you can focus on delighting your customers.

We manage your social media channels and digital presence on your behalf by blending together the expertise of our storytellers, designers and marketeers to make sure that your brand shines online.
Up to 20 hours hours per week by taking off your shoulders the workload generated by managing your social media channels, answering online reviews and crafting email newsletters to your clients.

So you can focus on what is important for you: giving the best service. We answer your brand’s reviews and answer your audience on social media.

By interacting with your audience and engaging with them, we are able to drive sales to your website and store.

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Step 1 – Deep study

We will immerse ourselves in your brand identity and acquire a deep knowledge of your customers and audience. We will come up with a plan to enhance your digital presence. You will receive a bespoke strategy covering 60 days to help you track your success.

Step 2 – Pages rebranding

We will make your online pages ready to welcome and delight your customers. We will update the logos, covers and get the right informations on the pages to show your A-game.

Step 3 – Content creation

We will create your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin Posts that will delight your customers. We will post on a regular base throughout the week to keep your audience engaged and exposed to your message.

Step 4 – Content monitoring

We will monitor your content to see which posts are getting the most traction and we will iterate on the winning strategies.

Step 5 – Brand push

We will boost your best content to get it in front of a wider audience and attract potential clients to your business.

Step 6 – Customers reviews responses

We will answer your customers reviews fairly and make sure your best reviews are highlighted.

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We have helped clients in 20+ industries getting a great online presence.

Our customers trust us to take care of their digital reputation, engage with customers and turn these interactions to business.
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"As a founder, scaling my company is a priority. HYPER CRUNCH’ service was amazing, it helped us focus on scaling our company while creating a great digital presence to attract new customers as establishing ourselves as the UK #1 platform for recruiting."

Francesca Boccolini
"The service is absolutely perfect. Efficient, helpful and successful. By using to HYPER CRUNCH, we were able to deploy our resources on other projects and at the same time grow our social media presence in a very engaging and impactful way."

Eduard Steimle

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A large company package at an affordable price

We are designed for small and medium businesses. Every month, you will get the following:
Bespoke social media posts
Every customer gets a bespoke marketing plan and custom social media posts.
Unified branding
We make sure your brand identity and assets are consistent across all your digital marketing channels.
Unlimited customers reviews
We answer U N L I M I T E D (yes, no jokes) customer reviews on Google Reviews, Tripadvisor and Yelp.
Posts boosting
If you request it, we select your best social media posts and promote them to reach a wider audience.
We share with you reports about your posts performance.
Email marketing
We craft and send on behalf of your brand beautiful email newsletters.