10 Tips for your Salon’s Instagram

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How does everyone stay up to date on the latest hairstyle trends and the newest beauty techniques? The answer is Instagram, of course.

Instagram offers endless marketing possibilities, easy access to potential customers and effective engagement and interaction with them. Thanks to its visual nature, Instagram is the perfect place to attract your audience with everything from creative nail art, through beauty tips and tricks all the way to trendy hairstyles.

These are Hyper Crunch’s top 10 Instagram tips for hair and beauty salons:

1.    First things first, convert to a business account
Luckily, Instagram offers this great option to switch to a business account with no fees required. Once you do that, you will be able to access useful analytics about your followers and post, promote Instagram posts as ads and add links to Instagram Stories to redirect customers.

2.    Get Found easily and encourage action
Even before you start posting, it is very important to carefully consider those “most basic” things which business owners tend to neglect on Instagram. You don’t want a blurry or completely irrelevant to what you do profile picture. Next, make sure that it is easy to be found by your username and profile name – think about how people will search for you on Instagram and make sure to match your business name. In order to make it as simple and accessible for your Instagram’s visitors to book, remember to include address, phone number and a link to book. You can even use the newly added “Book” button and win some points for saving your customers precious time and efforts.

3.    Make it look professional
Since content is EVERYTHING that matters on Instagram, your profile needs to look top-notch. Especially when you are in the business of beauty, aesthetics and style is everything. If people see you cannot make your posts and profile look eye-pleasing and attractive how will they turn to you to make the same for them? We suggest you put a colour and design theme and be consistent with it. Once your feed looks beautiful and harmonious, we guarantee your engagement and followers will skyrocket.

4.    Keep it interesting
No one likes seeing the same thing over and over again. Try to think of a few different topics (we suggest 3-4 at least) to post about. Variety is key. Keep reading to get ideas on how to do that…

5.    Quality matters…
Of your service, of course, but we’re talking about your pictures now… Remember this form us – everything comes down to good lighting.

6.     Be more personal
We know you want to show your work on Instagram, but do not restrict yourself just to this. As we mentioned, variety is important, so try diversifying your feed with inside photos of your team for example. Welcome new employees on Instagram, show some shots from that time you went to the pretty café downtown with your colleagues.

7.    Details
Another idea to post about is your salon itself. You have spent so much time on deciding which painting to hang over the sofa in order to go with the colour of the mirror’s frame and cushions. Show your salon details, people enjoy a pretty setting.

8.    Products
Even if you don’t sell any products, you most certainly use a lot of them. Show them! Your followers will be interested to know more about that, why you have picked this brand and how is it better. Moreover, by mentioning another brand you will have the chance to reach followers of this brand and attract them to your page and turn them to customers.

9.    The right hashtags
One of the best ways to grow your Instagram is through using hashtags. However, it is crucial to find the relevant ones that will allow you to reach potential clients, not just more likes and followers. You need the right LOCAL hashtags for your city combined with your beauty niche.

10.    Now that you have caught their eye with a picture…
So here comes the role of the caption. Once you have managed to make people actually read what’s under your picture, it means you have their attention, so use it wisely! Take your time writing them down. Captions shouldn’t look too lazy, too boring or too short. Don’t just dryly describe what’s on the photo, but share a story, express your feelings or even educate about it.

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