10 tips to be ‘on point’ with your Instagram feed

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The Instagram feed is one of the most crucial parts of different companies' digital marketing strategies, especially in representing their brand personalities. It is an essential tool to make sure that the overall feed looks consistent and attractive for the audience. The better the feed is, the easier it is for brands to increase the number of followers, as well as their reach and engagement. Here are a few tips from us, which will help your Instagram feed to look 'On Point':

1.    Pick a grid layout. Always try to create a template on how you want the overall feed to look.
2.    Choose a theme for your brand to represent your personality — for example, bright, black and white, simplistic etc.
3.    If you are going to use filters, pick one and stick to it.
4.    Try to combine pictures and videos - this way you can get more engagement from your audience.
5.    Make sure your posts are balanced — only upload pictures or videos that match your theme.
6.    Colour coordinate your pictures. Try to stick with max. three colour codes according to your brand or campaign.
7.    Outline your colour line. If you are going to stick with three colours, make sure to aligned them accordingly to the template
8.    If you are going to upload images with text, make sure to put them consistently based on your template.
9.    Remember your purpose. If you are trying to promote a service or product, try to post more things related to your product/service. This will remind your audience why they follow you in the first place.
10.    Only use HD pictures, high quality pictures are always the best!

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