5 Digital Marketing Myths

Digital Marketing

Here are our top 5 Digital Marketing myths you should not fall for!

1.    It’s all about tech
Of course, technology plays a vital role in digital marketing and in everything else in our lives nowadays, doesn’t it? However, it does not mean that the old techniques that have been used in marketing should be neglected. You can use them as a foundation for your digital marketing efforts. It is important not to view them as separate disciplines. Merging your traditional and digital marketing can make the shift of your marketing strategy move towards digital way easier and effective. Use your existing knowledge, but definitely save time and money by going digital!

2.    There are too many social platforms to keep up with
We all feel overwhelmed by the constantly increasing number of social platforms. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with all of them, but this doesn’t mean you cannot conquer each one though. It is important to be presented on all of the social platforms that your targeted audience is using. Each social network attracts a different clientele which gives you the opportunity to boost your brand. If you have the resources and the time, definitely invest it into creating and running company pages on each of the relevant social media platforms and think outside of the box!

3.    SEO can be done overnight

Incorrect. SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there, but it’s not a ‘quick fix’. The timeline will vary, but you can expect to see SEO results within 3 to 6 months. It’s important to allow time for search engines to establish where to place you. This might seem pretty time-consuming, but once your website is ranking, it’s on the road to success.
Most businesses struggle to find the time to deal with their SEO, and as a result, end up losing visibility online. In those cases, it is better to hire professionals to deal with it and help you achieve the desired results

4.    You’ll rank better and quicker if you have more content on your site
It is undoubtful that Google favours websites that publish content regularly, but once again, quality is far more important than quantity. Do not forget that!
If you take the initiative to publish too often, soon you’ll find yourself out of original ideas and not publishing the best out can put out there. This is going to affect your rankings immediately and lead to negative and undesired results. If you spend more time focusing on the quality of your posts, however, then they’ll have a far higher chance of ranking. So, one high-quality post with great rankings and engagement is far better than many poorly performing ones, isn’t it?

5.    You should just focus on one marketing channel
Wrong! Each social media platform has different points to tap on in your digital marketing strategy. That’s why it is important to test out the different options which are out there and work out what is best for your business. Establish the trends of your target market to help you out here; where are your audience spending their time? What are they searching for? What age group do they sit in? Answering those questions will help you make the most effective choice that will work best with your target audience.

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