5 mistakes businesses do on social media

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Everyone makes mistakes, as we do too. But what’s important is that we strive to learn from them and prevent those errors from happening again.

Here are the top 5 marketing mistakes we see people do on a daily basis. This will help you recognize what you’re doing wrong and act on it.

1.    Avoiding Social Media
Why aren’t you using social media platforms? The question, of course, is a rhetorical one simply because every single business needs to be on social media. It is a great and most importantly cheap way to interact with your customers. Sure, you can invest money there too if you decide to buy advertisements and pay someone to run the pages, but it is definitely less expensive than traditional marketing. Your customers are on social media and so should you.

2.    Do not buy followers
Once you create your profiles, do not let yourself be tempted to buy followers. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have tons of users following your page right away. It takes time to build a following base. You want your followers to be real, potential customers and be able to engage with them. Buying followers will not help you for sure and holds the risk of ruining your reputation too!

3.    Forgetting to use videos
As mentioned in some of our other blog posts videos are the future of digital marketing. Most people think of Facebook and Twitter when they hear the words social media, but what about YouTube. Creating a business channel there may be an idea worth considering. Do not forget about Facebook and Instagram videos too. Even novelties such as IGTV and TikTok can be implemented in a great video content marketing strategy (read how here)

4.    Targeting Everyone
Are you targeting everyone with a phone or a computer with your marketing campaign? You need to narrow your target market in order to create an effective campaign and actually achieve something with it. Consider the demographics of your current and prospective customers. Maybe further categorize them according to their behaviour, beliefs and attitudes. But do not make assumptions about your current customers’ demographics – use real data and your way be surprised who your customers actually are. Having a clearer target group y0u will be able to create a digital campaign suitable exactly for this group of people and hence get more relevant leads. No need to spend money on advertising to irrelevant viewers.

5.    Trying to do it all alone
Digital marketing is a crucial part of your business growth but focusing on it too much can drift you away from other important aspects of the business and prevent you from achieving the desired results. You need balance, so your best option is to hire someone, you cannot do it all by yourself. Moreover, you will most certainly see the difference in trusting your marketing to someone who is way advanced in it than you are to be rather rewarding. They will know how to delegate tasks and keep a track of every little aspect of your marketing campaign while you will be able to focus on what you are best at – delivering the best product to your customers.

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