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Sticking to the old techniques used by every digital marketing company in the past may be forcing potential customers into buying experience that serves your business but not your buyers. Having this in mind, conversational marketing may be a feature of your digital marketing strategy that needs more attention and is highly emphasized by any digital marketing agency today.

What exactly is ‘Conversational Marketing’ explained by a digital marketing company?

Conversational marketing isn’t about you, but about your clients and their goals. It is said to be the fastest way for your digital marketing company to move buyers across the marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations. It builds relationships and creates a real experience. Mastering the conversational process gives the digital marketing agency the opportunity to close deals way faster than anything else.

Nowadays, buyers have all of the power because real-time interactions have become the main standard. Moreover, conversations are the fundamental way humans engage, understand and recommend things to one another. So why not including this feature to complement your existing marketing efforts?

Email is no longer the only option for your digital marketing communication!

Waiting for a response from the typical lead form almost all digital marketing company recommended to their clients and some still use on their websites feels like a pretty absurd thing now that the first tools we turn to for communication are based on real-time messaging. No modern buyer likes waiting for days to get a reply after expressing interest in a product. We all demand real-time responses! Businesses can now meet customers’ expectations by implementing conversational marketing tools and fixing the lead response time challenge.

According to a recent study from Twilio, 90% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses (and the majority prefer it over email). Conversational marketing uses real-time messaging and intelligent chatbots instead of lead-capture forms, so leads never have to wait for follow-ups. A fact which every digital marketing agency needs to consider and act on.

Let’s get started…

Here are some from our digital marketing agency perspective that you can use to get started with conversational marketing across various digital marketing platforms:

· Second Net Bot
If you currently have a page with a form on it that drives some conversation and the digital marketing agency wants to keep it while integrating a new easier way for conversational marketing, we suggest using a “second net”. This type of bot introduction on your website will give visitors a faster alternative to filling out a form and will let them skip the line and connect with your team directly.

· Conversation Started Bot
Your site doesn’t generate a lot of traffic, but your digital marketing company wants to take advantage of the traffic that you do have by creating qualified conversations all over your site? A suitable approach for this case would be to show the bot on your most viewed pages but target it to find the engaged visitors. You can get more conversations with a great copy, headline, hook, and offer. Think about what would you say in-person?

· Retargeting Bot
Creating a customer experience for returning traffic on your site is what you need to do if your website generates a lot of traffic through any kind of campaign or digital marketing content and you know the returning visitors have higher intent and a higher chance of converting into buyers. You can even connect outbound emails to this kind of conversational experience on your website by triggering personalized messages when your prospect clicks any link you send them.

The important thing to remember is that there is no best way that fits everyone. You need to analyze your own position on the market with your digital marketing agency and tailor a digital marketing strategy which is the right one for you!

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