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As a digital marketing agency, we have been observing a dramatic increase in social media Stories popularity. They have grown to be one of the most trending storytelling forms every digital marketing agency is obsessed with. With all of the major digital platforms getting on board with Stories, it is your chance to make it an integral part of your online marketing strategy too!

Here is HYPER CRUNCH digital marketing agency London guide on Stories:

Benefits of adding Stories to your strategy

Storytelling stands at the very core of an effective digital marketing campaign. It enables marketers from any digital marketing agency to build a narrative and connect with customers on a deeper level. Take Instagram Stories, for example, they are fun and creative but are also a powerful tool for your digital marketing agency efforts. Here are the main advantages of using Stories:

•    They are the best tool for growing your online engagement used by almost any digital marketing agency;
•    Build brand awareness;
•    And even drive sales;
•    It is a very cost-efficient way to ensure constant engagement with your followers (many free editing tools are available);
•    Increase traffic to your web page;
•    Opportunity to reach a younger audience like teens;

Creative ways to use Stories for your business

•    Instagram Poll Stickers – This is a great way for brands to engage their audience and understand more about them. You can create polls on all kinds of topics and see your followers’ thoughts on them. Usually, basic questions work best – you can get opinions on your products, preferred colours, ask followers if they will buy or not, you name it.
•    Add links to your social media Stories – As much fun as Stories are, every digital marketing agency needs to think about sales too. The easiest way to increase website traffic and boost conversation rates is by adding a link in your Story and connect your various social media platforms. Every forward-thinking digital marketing agency will use your story as a teaser that directs viewers to your core channel.
•    Instagram Emoji Slider Stickers – thanks to the huge variety of emojis available, those stickers offer another easy engagement opportunity for Stories. It is a creative solution that will help your digital agency make viewers feel personally involved, so they are more likely to engage with your content and take note of any product recommendations.
•    Add Location Tags and Hashtags – this is the best way used by any digital marketing agency London so far to increase reach organically on Instagram. Instagram Stories get their own dedicated space at the top of a hashtag or location search result page, so it is a very efficient way to get featured!
•    Instagram Questions Stickers – those stickers are very efficiently used by almost every digital marketing agency for encouraging more interaction. This way you can gather useful feedback on products, and you can easily reply to any submissions directly or via DM. It is the new way for making Q&A sessions replacing the old-school methods that a digital marketing agency would have used before.
•    Try live video – Starting a live broadcast makes your brand look more real to your followers and not just one of the many pages operated by a digital marketing agency. Live Stories also allow users to watch, like and comment in real-time which creates a sense of community. Moreover, the live video does what the digital marketing agency industry was struggling to achieve in the past but is now so accessible. It makes your message appear more authentic to the viewers and helps the digital marketing agency bring engagement with your viewers to the next level.

In short, if your digital marketing agency is still not using Stories, now is the time to start. Just pick one or more of our suggestions for how to do it and unleash your digital marketing and social media creativity. Stories are still a fairly novel feature, so you have a chance to start capitalizing on everything they have to offer with the support of a professional digital marketing agency London. Moreover, we are convinced there will be many more new features added to the Stories which will help your business prosper online.

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