Facebook removed at least 3.2 billion fake accounts.

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After the scandals Facebook has been through for the past two years, they have tried to increase their transparency in many ways. For instance: by improving the terms and conditions, by being transparent about their advertising, by protecting its users' data and privacy, etc.

Recently, Facebook has claimed that they have removed at least 3.2 billion fake accounts from their platform. According to CBS News (2019), 5% of 2.45 billion Facebook accounts are fake. How does this news impact businesses who use Facebook as their primary promotion channel?

Facebook and Instagram are known for having a lot of fake accounts. According to Schiffer (2019), there were at least 3,000 ads posted by Russian troll’s fake accounts spreading hate speech during the 2016 election in the US. The question here is why do we (as businesses) care about this?

Let's think of it from your follower’s perspective. For example, your company has a certain number of likes, and it decreases due to Facebook effort to remove fake accounts. The impact of this might not be tangible, but it will still impact your company's reach to the audience.

In the awakening of this news, businesses need to try to connect and engage with the audience to make sure all of their likes or followers are the targeted audience. This is why it is vital for brands not just to aim at the right audience, but also to build connections with them and be present.

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