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Instagram has announced that they might be hiding likes for posts in the future. They did a few tests in 2018 to see how effective it was, and this had worried a lot of influencers. Not only that, but the act also has created some arguments between Instagram celebrities and artists. An emerging artist online, Peter DeLuce started his Instagram in 2017 and now has 10,000 followers. He earns money from Instagram by selling his artwork online and is recognised by people because of the number of likes he gets in each post. Hiding likes from the Instagram post will impact his engagement with the followers, leading to losing them and eventually losing his income. Therefore, this act has a negative impact on such people.

How does this change impact influencers or online businesses?

The company started to do this test in 2018 in several countries and would be expanding to include a small portion of people in the US. The results of the data analysed show that the likes for the influencers fell from 3% to 15% in all countries with a decrease of followers ranging from 5000 to 20,000 followers. This shows that hiding likes from posts have had the influencers lose their engagement with their followers.

This has led to changing the user’s habit of judging posts by liking them. The reason why this happened is that Instagram has tried to make ta change that would allow users to focus on content rather than feedback. Social media has also been accused of giving adverse mental health effects and the parent company, which is Facebook, has been targeted for an antitrust investigation. However, Instagram is trying to make a better community platform by hiding likes on posts.

Some influencers are ready for this change, meaning that now they can focus on having good content without worrying about the likes and competition on Instagram. Stephanie Tyler who is an influencer with 32,000 followers, and whose main income comes from Instagram, was surprised by this action but eventually, she got excited about the change. This is a good response to Instagram’s action in hopes of a better outcome in the future.

Overall, the news of Instagram hiding likes will have some negative impact on its users but there is hope for making a change. Instagram needs to consider the content creators and businesses within the platform. Although the reason for this act is to create a positive change, Instagram should try not to affect the influencers who make a living from it. This will create a loss of engagement in its users and eventually the company will be facing the negative impacts of this action. However, eventually, the solution will be found for those (such as, and endorsement business will have to change its strategy.

Major areas of negative impacts will eventually have a solution and the endorses business world will have to change its strategy.

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