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Instagram offers four options for video posting – feed Instagram videos, video stories, live Instagram videos and IGTV videos.

Here are some ideas that you can use to grow your business through video content.

1.    Entertain your followers
Humour is always a good idea to attract attention. How many times have you found yourself simply scrolling down your feed looking to be entertained?

Entertaining Instagram videos are a great opportunity for you to showcase your brand personality and deepen your relationship with your followers.

Moreover, if you manage to make your followers laugh, they are more likely to interact with your video through liking it, sharing it with a friend or leaving a comment. All of those will most certainly boost your performance.

2.    Inspire
People love to be inspired.

So, create videos that will motivate and inspire your audience to feel better and work for their dreams. Careful not to be too cheesy though.

A video like this would be the perfect way to show your business’ values. Let people know what you stand for, what you care about.

3.    Teach Something
Another thing you can do is to share a video that teaches your followers something new related to your brand.

Whatever your business does, there will be something you can teach your followers. Be it workout routines, makeup tips, financial advice, cooking ideas, you name it. It doesn’t even have to be a skill. You can share bits of advice or thought-provoking ideas.

4.    Tell a story
What is very often missing for sales messages is one simple ingredient – it is the sales message that does not tell an interesting story.

A lot of big brands use storytelling as their most powerful marketing tools. I am sure everyone has been touched by one of Coca Cola’s ads with a story in it. Moreover, giving people a story makes them remember your video for longer.

5.    Promote your existing products
You can create Instagram products to promote your existing products, which can be incredibly effective.

The great part of it is that you can show your product in many different ways. Show your audience how it is being used in the world. You can get technical and show your product’s best features or even share a customer review or testimonial of a specific product.

6.    Behind-the-Scenes Video
Here is your chance to build a deeper relationship with your customers. Getting more personal, being authentic and transparent will help you gain their trust. Moreover, you will be showing them something very interesting and exclusive. Taking your followers on a tour inside your business or life will with no doubt excite them and make them more interested in what you actually do.

7.    Tease and Launch New Products
Instagram is a great place to promote your new upcoming products. You can do more than just inform your followers about the new product you will be introducing, but you can actually get them excited for it and make them wait in awe for it to be launched. You can build hype and interest for an upcoming product or line using Instagram Stories or by creating mini trailers to show some of its features and benefits.

We know it is difficult to stand out of the crowd, but don’t get discouraged. Remember to have fun, be consistent and creative in the process.

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