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Being on LinkedIn is almost as common in the business world as having employees. Almost. And individual people who are not on LinkedIn are often criticised – it starts at university, where they keep emphasising that everybody should join LinkedIn. This is not some kind of huge marketing technique on the part of LinkedIn (that would have been one that all businesses would have liked to copy!), it is simply that LinkedIn has become the generally accepted platform, whether it is to find employees, to look for jobs or to release your curiosity about somebody…

What is LinkedIn doing to keep this position? We could say, continuous innovation. I will discuss some recent LinkedIn trends below, which might give you some inspiration for your business to keep innovating, or which will enhance your experience using LinkedIn.

One new feature that was introduced in 2017 is ‘Trending Storylines’. One of the reasons LinkedIn gave for its launch is that the main users of LinkedIn are professionals, and most of these are (or at least, should be) interested in the news. So why not include it all in the same platform? In the end, of course, the aim is that LinkedIn will become an even more important part of their lives, where they start their day by reading the news on LinkedIn, then at work maybe find out more about that company that they would like to partner with and contact them on LinkedIn, and finish off their day by reading about some different views and perspectives on the news – again on LinkedIn, of course. Although it is an expansion into a different area, it still stays true to its core by focusing on the business world.

Talking about expansion, the introduction of ‘LinkedIn Learning’ in 2016 was definitely an expansion into a different area, namely education. It comprises an e-learning portal offering video courses taught by industry experts, whether it is to cater to individuals, to businesses through training their teams or even to educational institutions. So, again, the question is, why would they introduce this new feature? In their words: “Our goal is to help people discover and develop the skills they need through a personalized, data-driven learning experience.” But it must also have been a strategic decision, possibly to extend their reach into different sectors, including education.
Finally, although LinkedIn was the last to adopt native video options, it did, in the end, introduce LinkedIn Video in 2017. It is argued that this has large consequences for the B2B environment: the reach of businesses can be increased while transmitting the authenticity, sincerity and personality of the business, which is easier to get across in a video than on paper.

At the moment, it seems like LinkedIn does not have any serious competition. However, management is smart enough to keep making sure that the business is the best it can be so that they are not suddenly kicked out of the market. A future potential challenger is Workplace by Facebook, which launched in 2016. So far, it is not as popular as LinkedIn, and arguably, it has a different focus, but only the future will tell how this evolves…

Whether it is LinkedIn or a different platform which will be incredibly important in the business world, HYPER CRUNCH will help you make the most of it and make use of it in a way that is most beneficial to you and your business.

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