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Jul 25, 2021

One of every digital marketing agency weapons is hashtags! Using hashtags for your brand or client’s Twitter account is the key to keeping your content from sinking into the sea of tweets that are posted every day. The tricky part is that if you slip and use too many hashtags, the message you want to communicate will lose its value.

In this guide, our digital marketing agency London will show you how to identify the right hashtags for your business and use them to engage with your customers effectively on Twitter.

What is a hashtag on Twitter?

Hashtags, which are keywords or phrases, help Twitter users find posts on topics that are of interest to them. An interesting fact is that they originated on Twitter in 2007 but are now widespread across all other social media platforms. Anyone can create whatever hashtag they want. A reminder from a digital marketing agency is to remember not to use any spaces or punctuations if you want your hashtag to be a longer phrase:

Using hashtags is what a digital marketing agency will use to ensure people on Twitter discover the content and engage with it. A research conducted by Twitter1 found that tweets with hashtags increased engagement – clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies – for individuals and brands. It found that Tweets with a hashtag can have an almost double engagement for individuals and 50% for brands. That’s more of a good reason for a digital marketing agency to use hashtags.

When to use hashtags on Twitter?

A digital marketing agency uses hashtags to categorise the content that is to publish and relate it to a specific topic. You can use hashtags for specific events ( #FranceElections, #OlympicGames), places (#London, #Liverpool), themes ( #FridayVibes), things (#Instagram, #telephones), activities (#writing, #cooking), industry terms (#socialmedia, #tech), etc.

However, our digital marketing agency advice is not to use hashtags in your adverts if your goal is to redirect traffic to your website and here is why. Twitter had found that advertisements without a hashtag or a @mention generate 23% more clicks. Apparently, the best practice is to avoid hashtags or mentions so your audience does not click away from your ad – more focus on the link you want to create with your website.

How to find trending and popular Twitter hashtags?

The first place to look for the best and trending hashtags is Twitter. When you log in to your account, on the left-hand sidebar, right under your profile, you can find a personalized list of the top Trends for you. They are based on your location, interests, and accounts you are following. If you don’t like those, the results can be tailored by clicking on the ‘Change’ button to select another location:

Additionally, there are many tools for finding popular and trending hashtags. Such a tool is Hashtagify. You can type in a hashtag that you are interested in and you will see results for its popularity and trend rates:

Additionally, you get results for related to your chosen topic hashtags to give you ideas what to include in your posts:

Other insight provided by the tool and from which your digital marketing can benefit from including the top countries and languages using the hashtag and a snapshot of current Tweets with that specific hashtag.

Finally, as a digital marketing agency, we want to emphasize how important is to choose hashtags relevant to the content you are posting! You don’t want to end up attracting the wrong audience, or even worse, get your account blocked due to people complaining about the misuse of hashtags.

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