The Ultimate Guide for Writing a Blog Article

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Truth be told, writing blog content is no piece of cake! If you are like us and dream big, you will want to know how to master the ‘art’ of writing articles that will be adored by thousands.

1.    Start from the headline

It makes sense, right, since it is the first thing your readers see… sometimes even the only thing. However, many writers make the mistake of writing a blog post before the headlines. Without a title, it is easier to lose track of what your main topic was and go into multiple directions. This will leave your readers confused and disoriented.

Furthermore, you need a headline that will be teasing and irresistible to your readers. Spent some time crafting the ideal title that will make them want to read more on that topic and use it as guiding map in the writing process.

2.    Introduction that grabs the attention

Now that you have won the readers with your headline, you need to figure out a way to keep them. Readers’ subject of attention changes frequently, so make sure they won’t just take a quick glance over your content and then vanish from your online blog. A way to retain them is by creating a catchy and seducing introduction. One that won’t expose everything that is in the article but will only give them a glimpse and make them thirsty for more.

3.    Deliver accessible and easy to consume advice

There are some suggestions we can give you to deliver valuable content presented in the best way possible. Firstly, try using subheadings. Readers are scanners, so subheadings are your chance of luring them into reading further despite their instinct to leave. Secondly, try to be unique, give something readers are not expecting. However, remember to keep it authentic, achievable and truly helpful. Do not go overboard just for the sake of appearing more interesting. Thirdly, try following a certain formula, having a clearly structured and consistent post that follows a pattern will make reading it more enjoyable to your readers. And don’t forget to have a strong start and end, leave them feeling pumped after finishing the post.

4.    Close with a motivational conclusion

Show your readers that you really believe in them and that they can actually achieve the goal you have set in your headline. Empower them by raising your expectations of them. Do not let them pretend they never read your post but encourage them to take action and use this information to their advantage, no matter how hard that would be. However, remember to avoid inserting new information or tips in your conclusion. It’s like introducing a new character right before the end of a movie… why?

5.    Edit, Edit, Edit

Once you are done writing, first take a break! Phew, you are almost done.

Editing your post is essential. If your post does not offer a smooth and pleasant reading experience, your reader will lose attention and quit. Try creating a checklist to follow when editing your post in order to make sure you are not missing any important points such as to add emotions to your writing, make it easy on the eye (break any large paragraphs), avoid sharp turns, add highlights, bullets, eliminate weak and flabby words and of course do the obvious – fix typos, spelling and grammar mistakes.

Blogging is a battlefield where you have to fight for your readers' attention. So, if you are ready to enter into the war, arm yourself with all the courage and patience you have and use all of the resources possible to create the best content!

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