Valentine’s Day social media tips for fashion companies and designers

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Christmas is over, but more holidays are approaching, and the question is your business prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.

St. Valentine’s Day offers a great chance to engage with clients, but the competition for their attention is the fiercest. Here are some tips on how to keep your brand at the tips of everyone’s tongue.

Create a Valentine’s Campaign
A Happy Valentines Video Campaign for example – videos are said to be the most sharable form of content so why not take advantage of that. Even if it is time-consuming and requires a lot of efforts and skills to achieve excellence, we think it is definitely worth it. To make the video content unique and attractive use visuals that tell a story, communicating your message and concept. Not to mention that it is a great way to show off your amazing designs. The key to success is to include some humour, make it fun, emotional… something memorable that will inspire and lead to more shares.

Happy Valentine’s Day Contest
Giveaway contests perform exceptionally well on social media and will definitely get your followers excited. Let’s face it, people just love the possibility of being potential winners. Here are some ideas for fun St. Valentine’s contests:
-    Best picture with your better half featuring the brand’s product
-    Create Instagram perfect setting and start a contest for the best picture taken there – this will not only increase your hashtag and brand popularity on social media but will also drive more traffic to your physical store.
-    The best romantic surprise contest

February – the month of love
Test your creativity by creating posts for 14 days until St.Valentine’s. A bonus – love is always a trending topic. So, to gift your followers some festive spirit, try being fun, romantic and informative. Do not forget to include your services and products in the contend and explain how diverse it is.

Exclusive Discounts
Everyone loves discounts! If you manage to link them with your social media posts, you will most certainly increase your social media reach and impressions. By doing this your posts will be way more likely to be shared. It will be the perfect St. Valentine’s to your customers and your way of expressing your love for them.

Gifts Ideas
Valentine’s Day is a great time of celebrating with your favourite person and expressing your love for them. However, deciding on the perfect gift and planning the most romantic dinner can be a real pain. Help your followers with some gits ideas while promoting your products/services and increasing your sales. It comes as no surprise that the holidays season is a shopping season too, so take advantage of that!

Share More Followers’ Content
Sharing holiday-themed mentions of your brand is a great way to show your connection to your clients and build a more personal relationship. Moreover, posting your clients feedback about products that are on sale during that period will attract a lot of attention.

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