What will social media look like in the beginning of the new decade

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Social media space is changing every minute even if we do not notice it. Think about it! During last year, micro-video app TikTok hit 1.5 billion downloads1 while Facebook breached data protection laws in the Cambridge Analytica scandal2. Trying to get used to the idea of always expecting the unexpected, here are three predictions and trends that seem to be standing strong.

1.    IGTV

IGTV is Instagram’s standalone video app. After a bit of a rocky start due to creators struggling to work with the vertical video format. Even though this format was previously used by businesses in Snapchat and Instagram, this time it was different because the video needed to be longer and highly produced, unlike the regular 15 seconds story. Moreover, the reach of IGTV was rather weak in the beginning due to it being disconnected from the mother app Instagram. However, after Instagram’s latest power move to show IGTV previews in the regular Instagram feed, the number of visitors to IGTV channels really skyrocketed.

2.    Marketers will turn to TikTok

TikTok is a mobile app which allows users to create short videos of themselves, often featuring music in the background, can be sped up, slowed down or edited with a filter. An app that really lets users unleash their creativity by offering a great variety of music and filters to choose from when creating their own video. Furthermore, they can later be shared with others and be reposted on social platforms.
Its 500 million monthly users and over 40% of the app's users3 being between the ages of 10 and 19, make TikTok a prime target for any brands seeking the elusive attention of Gen Z.
Moreover, TikTok is also very attractive territory because it is still not that popular for marketing. The app has only recently begun exploring paid advertising and offers an open arena for influencers to fight for top positions.
It is a platform that offers great opportunities for the ever-growing popularity of engagement marketing while still being able to have the first-mover advantage.
TikTok helps you take the crucial first step into marketing to Gen Z, the notoriously difficult-to-market-to4 generation, which is becoming more important as they gain a stronger foothold5 in the economy.

3.    Micro-influencers will become more effective in promoting the brand

Social media is undoubtedly effective in promoting your brand due to the high number of consumers who rely on social media when making a purchasing decision. However, with the increasing number of influencers and paid advertising, many types of large influencers are no longer trusted by consumers. On the other hand, 62% 6 of consumers will trust the recommendation of friends and family over celebrity endorsement. So, micro-influencers are still safe, which means that marketers should pay closer attention to the ones that have a small community of engaged followers, as opposed to huge influencers that are perceived more as celebrities at this point.

We may be repeating ourselves, but it is important to remember that content is KING. It can be argued that nowhere is that more important than on IGTV and TikTok. the role of videos will be a trending one in 2020.

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