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Every digital marketing agency will tell you that boosting posts on Facebook will allow you to overcome the issues of never being able to reach all of your followers thanks to Facebook’s current algorithm. Investing in some posts boosting will let you reach both current and new followers, and generate leads and brand awareness in line with any digital marketing company. According to Facebook IQ, 1 in 3 people use the platform to look for recommendations and reviews1 . If you are a beginner in posts boosting, follow our digital marketing agency London guide to achieve the best results with this easy process.

Step 1

What post to boost and why? – Carefully consider what content will get the most out of your paid content boost. Our digital marketing advice is to pick something highly relevant that has already been tested and has received some organic reach. Think of it in this way – if it were you seeing the post, would you click on it?

As a digital marketing platform, we recommend the use of eye-catching photos and fun-to-read content to get attention. You can even use your boosted posts as a way to promote news or special discounts to our current and potential customers as almost every digital marketing company does.

Step 2

Pick which type of promotion is right for you with your digital marketing agency. Facebook offers a wide range of advertising platforms and objectives that a digital marketing company can easily use, so it is important to match the one that contributes to your business goals best. You can pick to grow awareness by promoting your business page, call people to action by including a customized button that will drive the conversation to your own page or a direct purchase or even to your separate website.

Step 3

Every digital marketing agency will tell you how incredibly important it is to decide on a specific target audience. Luckily, Facebook gives you a lot of options to filter your paid boost including who your post will reach. Think who exactly you want to reach and use the ‘customise’ option to edit it. A digital marketing agency will put certain age, gender, location, and even interests criteria. Take your time deciding on those metrics. It is very important to consider who are you aiming to reach and who is the most likely to engage with your business message, so you are not boosting posts in vain and reaching the wrong audience

Step 4

Select your desired budget and the duration of your campaign is an important step not only for a digital marketing agency but for every other business. Once you have decided, select confirm the payment, sit back, relax and watch your post’s reach grow.

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