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What We Offer

What makes us different from others? We create bespoke AI employees to automate your business.


AI sources blog articles and newsletters

Craft in seconds a blog article and newsletter gathering insights from the latest publications


Cross-Platform automated social media creation

Put your social media posts creation on autopilot and save days of content creation and validation


Automated newsletter with the latest curated insights

Your newsletter content will be curated from the best sources and created to


IG and Tiktok sourced scripts

IG and TikTok sourced scripts, tailored to captivate your audience and elevate your brand's presence in seconds


AI automated sequences

Deploy a seamless communication with our AI automated sequences, blending emails, newsletters, blog articles, and social media posts


AI employees

Deploy a team of 3 AI employees to do your task now or in 3 months. Plan and strategize your content in advance

Our team

Building moonshot AI employees

Our CEO Mehdi El Azhari explains his vision for HYPER CRUNCH AI and how the role of a marketeer has changed.

Our AI employees in action
in a few clicks

AI Automated marketing content

Create your weekly marketing content in minutes not days

Generated high quality content in seconds to provide value to your audience.

  • Blog articles with sources
  • Automated newsletters with sources
  • AI automated social media creation
  • Daily opinion social media posts
  • IG and Tiktok sourced scripts
  • AI marketing automated sequences
AI Employees

Deploy your AI employees team in seconds

Access a team of AI employees to do your task now or in 3 months. Plan and strategize your content in advance.

  • Create & Schedule social media posts
  • Ask AI employees with video chat
  • Create & Schedule newsletters
  • Create fully integrated campaigns
  • Ask the AI directly using your voice
  • AI employees call leads to qualify them

What our clients
say about us

Delivering delight in AI and marketing to 300+ happy clients and leaders

HYPER CRUNCH was instrumental in defining our marketing strategy and redesigning our brand and presence on social media.


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